how does c-spray work?

C-Spray is formulated with a distinct combination of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and salts that work in harmony to neutralize chlorine at the molecular level. 


why does c-spray exist?

Chlorine has a unique ability to absorb into skin, hair, and fabrics so effectively that showering with soap does not remove it. That is why we often smell like a pool even after showering.

When chlorine lingers on the body, it causes dryness, itchiness, irritation, discomfort, and odour. When it lingers on swimsuits, it causes deterioration and fading.

C-Spray neutralizes chlorine molecules instantly, significantly reducing the negative effects chlorine causes to skin, hair, and fabrics. 


who is c-spray for?

From competitive swimmers to occasional Jacuzzi goers, C-Spray makes swimming a more enjoyable experience. C-Spray protects you and your swimwear from chlorine, and eliminates its lingering odour.


When is c-spray used?

Use C-Spray in the shower after swimming. Simply spray 6-12 pumps on your skin, hair, and swimsuit, then spread it around your body to neutralize the residual chlorine. You can also soak your swimsuit in a bowl of water with 5 pumps of C-Spray.



Is C-Spray safe?

Yes, C-Spray's formula is 100% natural and safe to use on your body, hair, and swimsuits*. C-Spray is formulated to be gentle enough for sensitive skin and daily use.

How many uses are in a bottle?

One 240 mL bottle lasts 160 uses, while one 120 mL bottle lasts 80 uses. 

What is C-Spray's shelf life?

C-Spray has a shelf life of two years. 

Where can I buy C-Spray?

C-Spray is available in stores across Canada and on Amazon.ca, visit the full store listing on the Shop page. 

I left C-Spray in my hot car. Will it still work? 

Yes, C-Spray is still effective after exposure to high temperatures. 

I left C-Spray in my freezing cold car. Will it still work?

Yes, C-Spray is still effective after exposure to freezing temperatures. 

Why has my C-Spray changed colour? 

C-Spray is 100% natural and therefore free of preservatives. Over time, the formula interacts with the oxygen in the bottle, and can develop a yellow hue. C-Spray is still effective if it has changed colour, but may stain white swimsuits if not rinsed out. 

Why does the label say not to spray on white fabrics? 

As a precaution, C-Spray should not be sprayed directly on white swimsuits to ensure that it does not stain. Soaking swimsuits in water with 5 pumps of C-Spray will ensure that they are not discoloured. Swimsuits should always be rinsed out after using C-Spray. 

I dropped my C-Spray in my pool. What do I do? 

C-Spray is very concentrated, and can significantly lower chlorine levels in pools. If you dropped your C-Spray bottle in a pool or Jacuzzi, wait two hours and retest the chlorine levels to ensure they have not dropped. 

My C-Spray broke. What can I do? 

If you have any concerns or questions regarding C-Spray, visit our Contact Us page. We would be happy to help you!

*C-Spray develops a yellow hue over time, and should not be sprayed directly on white swimsuits to avoid any discolouration.